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Some pros and cons of Whippet ownership

Whippets are wonderful companions. They are "house dogs" and must have a warm, soft place to rest and sleep - most will prefer your bed.

Is a Whippet right for your family? Each Whippet is an individual, but here are a few general points to consider:


Medium sized - around 28 - 38 pounds.
Healthy - few health problems in the breed.
Affectionate - the Whippet is a devoted companion who will want to stay by your side and enjoy snuggling with you on the sofa.
Active - Whippets enjoy going for walks, playing catch or frisbee, and participating organized activities such as lure coursing.
Intelligent - the Whippet is quick to learn and fairly easy to train in basic obedience.
Easy to groom - short, silky coat; easy to bathe; nails should be trimmed weekly or bi-weekly (we use a dremel tool rather than nail clippers).
Moderate shedding and little to no "doggy odor" - all dogs shed - the Whippet is no exception.


Active - puppies and young adults are very active and must have several full-out exercise periods every day, including running in a safely fenced yard, to maintain their physical and mental well-being.
Destructive - many puppies and young adults will chew and destroy household items if allowed free rein of your home. Fortunately, most Whippets grow out of this behavior, but until then, "puppy-proofing" is a must.
Easily bored - Like many dogs, some Whippets can be unhappy and bored if left alone for ten-hour workdays (with a noon-time break, of course). A dog isolated for long hours may bark and become distressed. This behavior may be avoided by adding another Whippet or other pet to the family. Two pets may be content in each other's company during work-time hours.
Strong chase instinct - most Whippets have strong prey drive (not surprising considering what they were bred to do) and will chase, and sometimes capture and kill, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, and other animals, if allowed the opportunity. Whippets may live peacefully with small pets, including cats, if raised with them from puppyhood.
Thin-skinned - no, I don't mean "emotionally sensitive." The Whippet is a high-speed runner, and that short, silky coat offers little protection from scrapes or abrasions from things like a loose fence wire or dry brushwood. A small skin tear may require a trip to the vet for sutures.
Independent - the Whippet is intelligent and may choose to be obedient when he feels like it! Most Whippets, even those who are trained in basic obedience, should not be allowed off-lead (see above on chase instinct).

Photos courtesy of Tami Baird

Skyler's Birthday Party

A birthday party for Tami Baird's Whippet Skyler and Skyler's brother and sister. The party goers enjoyed a birthday cake made with our cake recipe.

All of the Whippets pictured above are perfectly well behaved (except when sneaking food from the table).


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