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Ch. Rusalka Just Say The Word

Shown primarily at AWC specialties and supported shows adjudicated by whippet specialists, Maya was awarded a third major by whippet breeder-judge Mary Beth Arthur, along with BOW and Best of Breed over six specials, to complete her title at the Wisconsin KC.

Maya is CERF (WP-360135) and OFA Cardiac Normal by Echocardiogram (WP-CA661/67F/C-NOPI-ECHO)

Maya was awarded WB, BOW and Best Puppy by breeder-judge Iva Kimmelman at the 2009 AWC North Central Specialty. The following year she again won WB for the specialty major, awarded by breeder-judge Lori Nelson, AWC North Central Specialty. She received the Best Bred-By Exhibitor award at the AWC Eastern supported show, June 6, 2010 under breeder-judge Gail Boyd.

Rusalka Just Say The Word

Maya at the AWC North Central Specialty, photo by Rosalind Buda

Although not quite at full extension, this photo by Joe Stewart
shows Maya's balance on the move.

Maya is now retired and is loved by Lynda Hansen.

See the pedigree.

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